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Wine Review: Market Vineyards Dividend Syrah 2013

November is Market Vineyards Month on!

Market Vineyards Dividend Syrah 2013

The entire month of November is dedicated to Market Vineyards! To learn more about this wonderful Washington State winery, please read my article A Brief History of Market Vineyards.

Oh, Washington State Syrah. You are one of the hidden gems of the wine world. At least in my opinion. I already boldly told you last month that I feel Washington State makes the best Merlot in the world, and I'll tell you right now that I feel their Syrah is among the best as well. I can hear you screaming at your monitor saying "That's bullshit, Joey! What about Côte-Rôtie? Hermitage? Saint-Joseph? You're an idiot!"

Even though my taste in wine levitates to the old world, I'm really not that big on the Syrah's of northern Rhone in general. My enjoyment is especially resistant with the addition of Viognier. It's just... not something I would willingly drink for pleasure. And yes, I am an idiot. I won't argue with you on that one.

This is Market Vineyards' Syrah from 2013, which they call Dividend, and I've heard some great things about it. It's 100% Syrah, all from Gamache Vineyards in Columbia Valley. 23 cases were produced. THAT'S ONLY 276 BOTTLES! And it has an ABV of 15.5%.

I'm writing this on Election Night. Our country has elected a mantoddler that has Twitter tantrums every time somebody pokes fun at him. An incarnation of xenophobia that suffers from a terrible medical condition forcing him to bullshit every time he opens his mouth. A trash talking giant Cheeto with a combover that goes on trial for child rape in another month. And we also now have a Vice President Elect who truly believes an imaginary oppressor tells him to repeal or restrict women's rights and homosexual rights. Oh goodie. Soooo exciting. YAY AMERICA!

Method Man, Wu-Tang
IMAGE CREDIT: timtownsend.deviantart
Tonight's music selection has got to be bangin'. So while I review this wine I'll be listening to Wu-Tang. Because Wu-Tang is for the children and the children are our future.

The color of the wine is... wait... is that motor oil? This is some deeeeeeeply daaaaark purple wine!

On the nose there's an overlaying minerality above aromas of lavender, raisins, chocolate (Raisinettes, anyone?) and pepper, with a slight note of anise. It smells very ripe and sticky. In the mouth it's rich and lush with soft tannin and just a little perk of acidity. That minerality on the nose is also on the palate with flavors of pomegranate, strawberry jam and baked earth. The most impressive feature of this wine is the finish! It's ridiculously long and lip smacking with pomegranate and baked earth.

This is an incredibly well rounded Syrah that manages to be both elegant and masculine at the same time. I could see this being paired with light dishes and heavier ones, or with no food at all. Dividend gets high marks!

Price: $39
Rating: 4.5/5 = Recommended / Highly Recommended (what does that mean?)

The bottle used was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review. To have your wine reviewed follow this link.


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