Sunday, January 15, 2017

Beer Review: Trappistes Rochefort 6, 8 & 10

Trappistes Rochefort 6, 8 & 10

The reason why I love writing beer reviews is because this is a wine blog. So it's like a night off from writing, while still writing, because I don't need to turn on the focus mode.

If you've read any of my wine reviews you know that I like to joke around and have fun, but I'm still in deep wine-geek concentration; analyzing and admiring every aspect of that wine. If you've read any of my beer reviews, you know that I have a deep appreciation for beer but I don't take it nearly as seriously. 

So I'm doing a flight of Trappeste Rochefort tonight while I fuck around on the PS4, stopping to write my thoughts here and there. I will not be spitting so this could get messy. But first thing is first: get out the brandy snifter. This is snifter beer.

The 6 is a Belgian Dubbel and it's 7.5% in alcohol by volume. Very hazy, being unfiltered, and the color of a Werther's caramel candy. It smells like herbal tea, banana bread and table grapes. It's bready and malty, which is exactly the profile of my favorite kind of beer. The high acidity compliments its touch of sweetness. There's flavors of banana bread, walnuts, table grapes and caramel. Then it finishes toasty and earthy. Nummy nummy! I've only had a few sips and I'm strangely already a bit buzzed. It might be amateur night. Gonna drink the rest and move on!

The 8 is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale and has a 9.2% alcohol by volume. It's a burnt caramel in color. There's lots of dates on the nose, along with cherry and dark chocolate. Nice medium body with lots of malt. Like the 6 it's high in acidity, but it doesn't have the slight sweetness of its younger brother. There's more of a pumpkin bread flavor to this than banana bread. There's also flavors of plum and espresso on the midpalate, which all burst into super saiyan on the finish. Oh man. So good. I love this beer. I love you guys. Who wants to go streaking? Let's go streaking. Bring your hat.

The 10 is named after Bo Derrick because it's fucking perfect. It's a Belgian Quadrupel Ale, has an 11.2% alcohol by volume, and a deep dark brown in color. Figs and raisins are all over the nose with backup support from wood, lavender and licorice. The alcohol vapors provide a sweetness up your nasal cavity. In the mouth it's ridiculously well rounded with sweet alcohol, bold malt, and high acidity all working together in harmony. There's flavors of caramel, vanilla, chocolate, and dark candied fruit on the palate. It finishes malty and fruity and sexy as all goddamn hell.

All three of these beers are amazing. You've got to try them all... buuuut make sure you're not going anywhere if you want to do one of each in  a night. It sneaks up on ya. I'm, uh, yeah. I think it may be time for me to go sleep in my bed with visions of Belgian ale afloat in my head. Good night.


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