Just a bunch of wine blogs and websites that I enjoy, both useful and fun. :)

Social Vignerons
From the mind of the famous Julien Miquel, Social Vignerons just won the 2015 Wine Blog Award for Best New Blog!

This is my favorite wine blog and I wish the creator had more time to post. With an $8 a bottle price point for a target, and anything higher considered a "splurge", everybody should be reading the HoodSomm.

Very intelligent and captivating writing from Alder Yarrow. I always learn something new from Vinography.

Red, White and Cru
I wish I had as much material and blog ideas in my head as Erik Johnson. This guy talks about everything in the wine world, from wine suggestions made by friends to why wineries should have a blog.

Jim Lockhard on Wine
Not only is Jim a regular reader of my blog but I'm a regular reader of his. When he's not sharing his experiences in wine and travel, Jim likes to find stories and news from other places on the web and give his take on them.

There's a few things about Ryan that make his blog worth following. First of all he's a good guy. Second, wine isn't his profession. He's an accountant with a passion for wine that likes to write about it. To put it simply: the guy isn't jaded. I like that.

This Canadian hoser blogs about beer, whiskey and wine. I LOVE this explanation on why he does it: There’s something special to drinking, and that’s why I do my damnedest not to puke all over myself when I indulge. So, simply put, if you like you'll enjoy this too.

The blog for this small winery is always informative and humorous (and often personal), making their posts one of my most anticipated.


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