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Wine Review: Segura Viudas Brut Rosé with Sushi

January is Sparkling Wine Month on!

I love rosé. It's a weakness of mine. I also love inexpensive Spanish Cava. My favorite food on the planet may be sushi, possibly only trumped by hardshell beef tacos. Wasabi is an old pal of mine, especially when sinuses need to be cleared.

Then there's soy sauce. Oh my God, soy sauce. Sometimes I'll take the bottle out of the fridge and take a swig just because I'm an adult and you're not the boss of me.

Now, how can you go wrong with all those things put together? You fucking can't, that's how.

This review is gonna be quick because I want to enjoy this massive plate of sushi without writing the whole time. Contrary to popular belief, I am a person and not an artificially intelligent word processor gone rogue. Also, I'm not that intelligent.

The color is that of a daytime cold medicine. It's super vibrant and eye catching while also having an alluring darkness to it. Carbonation is plenty and lively.

Aromas of stone, cherry liqueur and lemon zest are on the nose. The wine froths up in the mouth and creates a raspberry sorbet flavor with tart cherries that carry over into the finish. Is that appealing enough for you? I hope so because it's so amazingly awesome for $8.

Price: $8
Rating: 5/5 = Highly Recommended.


Cucumber rolls with salmon in it and a dollop of an orange spicy sauce on top: This sushi and the wine go better together than I thought they would. The raspberry flavor of the wine overtakes the spice for a second, and then the spice takes over on the finish.

California rolls with shrimp wrapped on the outside: This isn't such a great pairing.  The flavor of the shrimp takes the wine in a direction that's just... meh.

Eel rolls with that brown sweet sauce that's almost always all over eel sushi: YAAAAASSSSS! The fact that this rosé is a sparkling one is the key to why this works. The sharpness of the wine brought on by the carbonation, as well as the acidity, makes it an awesome contrasting pairing.

California roll with tuna wrapped on the outside: Raw tuna is so delicate in flavor yet so fleshy that I never understood this. The cucumber, avocado and crab just shove it aside and tell it to be there for some soft texture, which the rice would provide anyways. I'll tell you what... it tastes great when you wash it down with Rosé Cava though, even if it may as well just be a California roll.

Tuna sashimi: The flavor of the tuna comes across (obviously) and it plays well with the wine. Not a great pairing but they get along enough that you can have the two together and be satisfied.

California roll with salmon wrapped on the outside: I don't know why but this sushi makes the wine taste a little bitter. When you take what I thought of the tuna California roll (awesome), what I thought of the tuna sashimi (satisfying), and what I'm about to say about the salmon sashimi... it's doesn't make much sense. And the sushi tastes fine on its own. It will remain an unsolved mystery because I'm too busy to look for an answer.

Salmon sashimi: Interesting contrast as the flavor of the salmon brings out a bright citrus flavor in the wine that it doesn't experience in the other options or on its own. Like the tuna sashimi (and better), they work together.

Ginger lightly dipped in soy sauce: Out-fucking-standing. Seriously.

This is a versatile sushi wine, no question. The best sushi pairing was the eel rolls but I couldn't believe how well it went with just plain ol' ginger dipped in soy sauce.  Now if you'll excuse me...

The bottle used was purchased by myself for the purpose of this review.

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