Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mexico's Appellation of Origin Protection

The Appellation of Origin in Mexico is NOM

The Appellation of Origin Protection in Mexico is called NOM... that sounds delicious.


  1. I actually looked to see if you posted this on April 1st....not because there isn't wine made in Mexico, when I lived in San Diego we really did like a Guadalupe Valley wine every so often....but NOM....really? I'm always a fan of this type of stuff actually telling you something about where the wine comes from etc.

    1. Yessir! It stands for Norma Oficial Mexico which translates to Official Mexican Standard.

      I've been fascinated with Mexican wine since one of my loyal Facebook followers, who is from Mexico, introduced me to it.

      If you're interested in learning more about Mexican wine, I wrote an article on its history and current situation:

      Thanks for commenting and reading the blog! Cheers!



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