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Wine Review: Craveyon CloudWines Monterey County 2014 Petite Sirah

Craveyon CloudWines Monterey County 2014 Petite Sirah

Craveyon CloudWines is an internet based wine retail / subscription / event company out of Temecula, California. They "provide Craveyon wines and wine subscriptions through an approachable cloud platform." Honestly, I'm really not sure what that means. But subscription is free and you save some nice dough on their wine when you do subscribe, and you and your friends are invited to free monthly events in Southern California or near where you live. How can you lose? Check them out at or read my review of their Paso Robles 2013 Counoise.

All the time you get the Petite Sirah name problem, right? "Petite Sirah? I like my wine big like the regular Syrah!" And in your head you hear that buzzing sound when somebody gives a wrong answer in a game show. Petite Sirah, also known as Durif, is the naturally occurring lovechild of Syrah and Peloursin. It gets the petite part of its name because the actual grapes are smaller than Syrah. So during winemaking the skin in the skin-to-flesh ratio is greater, which makes for a BIGGER wine. Make no mistake: Petite Sirah is not petite.

This one is from California's Monterey County and it has a screw top. The label is web themed on the top with an HTML tag for the winery and a search box for the varietal and vintage. There's bricks as the background and on the bottom some chick is peeling it back like a curtain, exposing a vineyard behind it. The back label descriptions look like the search results. It says that the wine has a 13.7% ABV.

Tonight I've decided to relive my teenage years and listen to some 90's awesomeness. Some grunge, some rock, some ska, some punk. Hell yes. Turn up Sirius XM's Lithium 34, bitches! The first pouring of this wine was done to Sublime's "April 29, 1992" and now I want to start a riot. Break some shit. You know, in a good way.

The color of the wine is a deeeeeeeeply inky purple. If you want to get away with flipping somebody off when you're holding this wine, just do it behind the glass. They'll never know because you can't see anything on the other side. It's a wall of liquid purple.

It's got a big nose of plums, sticky strawberry jelly, rose petals, teriyaki sauce and mustard seeds. I love it. Just an awesome combination of fruit and spice that I can't help but continually sniff over and over again. Excellent.

It takes a few big steps back on the palate, though. It's not as powerful as its appearance and aromas indicate. It's medium bodied and a little flat on the midpalate, although it's got a silky smooth mouthfeel. There's flavors of plums, red apple, and soy sauce. It finishes with plums, blood iron and a dab of hot cinnamon.

For $13 it's a nice bottle of wine. There's a lot of garbage out there for that price but this one is worth the money. However, there's a lot of rock stars for that price... and this one isn't going to make you want to get your cleavage signed. I give it a 3.5 out of 5 in price vs. quality, right between Satisfying and Recommended.


Price: $13
Rating: 3.5/5 = Satisfying / Recommended (what does that mean?)

The bottle used was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this unpaid review. To have your wine reviewed follow this link.


  1. It's my favorite of the Craveyon CloudWines, But the new Syrah is closing in.

    1. I enjoyed the two that I had but I preferred the Counoise over the Petite Sirah. :)

  2. Good stuff! We could have used your expertise on our last #wininghourchat on Syrah. It is often confused with petite sirah. You cleared that up nicely!😀

  3. In today's society where all greenery is being replaced by pavement and buildings. I like the label reversing the process.



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