Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wine Review: Evolúció Tokaj 2013 Furmint

January is White Wine Month on!

Evolúció Furmint 2013

For reasons I'm sure you'd understand, the wine reviews released this month were written in November and had to be done rather quickly. So you can still expect some shenanigans but not to the extent that you may be used to from me. This'll be quick and painless. Okay, maybe not painless. But January is jam packed with white wine (except for one lonely red at the very end) so HAPPY WHITE WINE MONTH! (PS: most of them are Italian)

This wine is from the Hungarian region of Tokaj, where their famous noble-rot dessert wine Tokaji Aszu is produced. Furmint is one of the grapes used in that Tokaji Aszu but this is just a regular dry wine made from the varietal. It appears to be something right up my alley, right?

The label has some birds hanging out on blue tree branches. The E in Evolúció is backwards and I don't know why. I also don't know what "Evolúció" means but it's similar to "Evolution". Birds are evolved dinosaurs. I like Parasaurolophus . I wonder if Parasaurolophus was in Hungary. See how my mind works? All this came into my head within a few seconds of viewing the label. I'm stuck with this thought process for the rest of my life.

The color is a light and bright yellow. On the nose there's mint, pear and straw. The palate has melon and citrus. The finish has mint and citrus. Can you tell how excited I am about this?

You know me! I LOVE to champion strange things from different places! How many wines from Hungary do you see out there in the USA? Not a hell of a lot. So I really WANTED to like this but I just DIDN'T. It wasn't appealing to me and just not something I want to drink. I didn't even really want to keep smelling and tasting for the sake of the review. I hate it when that fucking happens.

By the way, Parasaurolophus was in western North America.

Price: $13
Rating: 1/5 = Terrible. (what does that mean?)

The bottle used was supplied free of charge by Baystate Wine & Spirits, and this was an unpaid review. To have your wine reviewed follow this link.


  1. Tokaji Aszu is really a best dessert wine i ever taste. I am also a lover of white and Italian wine. Hope to see more reviews on different wine products on this blog.

  2. Everyone's wine preferences are personal and valid, of course, so I hope you don't mind my presenting a different opinion. I have just been introduced to this wine (August 2016) and found it to be the most interesting and refreshing wine I've tasted all summer. The long finish was elegant to me--pear, melon, and subtle mint that lingers on the palate in a pleasing way.

  3. actually a great wine and one of the best dry furmints along with the Royal Tokaji/The Oddity. Incredible value as well.



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