Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wine Review: Masseria Li Veli 2013 Fiano

January is White Wine Month on!

Masseria Li Veli 2013 Fiano

For reasons I'm sure you'd understand, the wine reviews released this month were written in November and had to be done rather quickly. So you can still expect some shenanigans but not to the extent that you may be used to from me. This'll be quick and painless. Okay, maybe not painless. But January is jam packed with white wine (except for one lonely red at the very end) so HAPPY WHITE WINE MONTH! (PS: most of them are Italian)

Puglia's been kinda killing it out there on the wine scene. I see more and more impressive stuff coming from the high-heel of Italy's boot being poured into my glass all the time, and Masseria Li Veli is one of the wineries leading the way in the Puglia emergence. Fiano is a white variety that's actually more known for its wine from Campania and Sicily, but Puglia does a ton of stuff from other regions just as good or even better than their hometowns. This Fiano is also organic.

Screw top. It's got a simple label with LI VELI in shiny gold. I'm not sure if those are really badly drawn crosses or really badly drawn birds in flight... or grape vines. Probably grape vines. Right? Nah, I say they're really badly drawn dancing people. The back label says the wine has a 12.5% ABV.

It's a golden yellow. On the nose there's aromas of fresh plastic, nectarine and orange. The palate starts off with a big burst of acidity and super-fresh lemon right up front, on the mid-palate there's lemon and orange, and then lemon and orange on the finish as well. It's medium to full bodied, has a silky mouth feel and the tiniest touch of oily-ness.

It's just so happy! It's a happy-maker! So bright and lively and smiley! And, most importantly, it's an incredible deal for $12. I fell in love with this wine. Mark it up for a perfect score, sirs and madams. And go find it.

Price: $12
Rating: 5/5 = Highly Recommended (what does that mean?)

The bottle used was supplied free of charge by Classic Wine Imports, and this was an unpaid review. To have your wine reviewed follow this link.


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