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Wine Review: Lila Pinot Grigio

May is 90+ Cellars Month on!

Wine Review: Lila Pinot Grigio

To learn about how 90+ Cellars finds their wine and everything else you want to know about the Boston based company, please read A Brief History of 90+ Cellars!

Lila is the non-vintage canned brand by Latitude Beverage, the parent company of 90+ Cellars. There are several different varietals, such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio. I do feel like I need to point out that if you had the Lila Sauvignon Blanc and it tasted like gasoline, that was because of a skunking issue from a canning error which has since been completely rectified. So I implore you to at least give it another shot.

That said, this is for the Pinot Grigio. It never saw that problem and it performs remarkably well during the promotional tastings that I've personally witnessed.

Hey man, I know what you're thinking. Canned wine? What the hell is this shit? Listen. I live on Cape Cod. I don't get to go to our beaches much because beach season is busy season for the local jobs, especially the alcohol business. But grabbing some ice cold canned white wine out of a cooler while relaxing on the beach? That sounds pretty awesome.

The place of origin is Italy, and according to the small print on the back label it even qualifies for the delle Venizia IGT. It has an ABV of 12.5%. I suspect, after tasting, that there's actually quite a bit of Sauvignon Blanc in this Pinot Grigio.

It has a breadiness to the nose above aromas of lemon, canned pears and cantaloupe. It's light bodied and has just enough sweetness to make it poundable. On the palate there's lemon, canned pears, and a minerality that I can only describe as pencil lead. It finishes with long lasting lemon.

I'm not going to rate this because it is what it is; canned wine meant specifically for quafability and refreshment. And I would have no problem knocking one of these back to quench summer thirst. It does the job very well!


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