Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wine Review: Bisol Jeio Brut Prosecco

Jeio Prosecco

Prosecco is the most popular sparkling wine in the world, and the Prosecco region in Italy is having a hard time keeping up with demand. To learn more about Prosecco read A Bubbly Biography - The Story of Sparkling - Wine Part 2: Italy and The New World.

This is the first of a three part series of Brut Prosecco reviews. I'll be reviewing Bisol Jeio Prosecco Brut, Mionetto Prosecco Brut and Villa Sandi Prosecco Brut.

Bisol Winery was founded in 1858 by a distiller named Eliseo Bisol, and it's one of the oldest in the village of Valdobbiadene, just north of Venice. This place has vineyards on infamously steep hills, so if you're looking to harvest some grapes in Valdobbiadene you're gonna have a bad time. That old "have a nice fall" joke must be severely overused there.

I'm feeling super snacky tonight so I'm making some popcorn the old-fashioned way. Prosecco and popcorn is exactly where I want to be right now.

I like the shape of the bottle. Curvaceous and sexy. Making me feel all sorts of ways. Do she got bubbly tho? Oh she do! Lots and lots of itty bitty bubbles that become floaties of air pockets on the surface. There's a froth on the pour but that's gone within seconds. The color of the wine is just slightly less pale than pale straw yellow.

Orange Sherbet
It smells like apples, which is common and expected for Prosecco. There's a bit of a brininess to the nose too which is cool. But it tastes like orange sherbet. No joke, orange fucking sherbet. Oh. My. God. Shut. Up.


Brut is supposed to be like the third most driest sparkling wine you can get or something, but one thing I've noticed about Brut Prosecco is that many times it seems too sweet to carry that Brut name. Well, this isn't like that. And it's not too dry either. The little touch of sugar that's there is completely satisfying. And let us not forget that sugar is what powers your brain. Don't let your brain die.

Alright, listen. If I had $18 to spend on any sparkling wine I wouldn't even look at Prosecco based on pure instinct. Spending $18 on a Prosecco to me seems bat-shit crazy. Yeah, go for $25 or above and there's ones that are worth the cheddar. Between $16 and $25 then you've found yourself in an ocean of over-priced cookie-cutter bullshit. The $12-14 mark is where it's really at for Prosecco. So at $18 I'm gonna naturally look at the Cremant or traditional method American sparklers and run away like a bandit.

However, drinking orange sherbet is spectacular. And I don't even remember eating the popcorn. It's just gone. I recommend Jeio. Buy it up.

Price: $18
Rating: 4/5 = Recommended. (what does that mean?)

The bottle used was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this unpaid review. To have your wine reviewed follow this link.


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