Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Glassware Variation: Wine vs. Beer

It seems this has led some people to believe that I think glassware isn't important to wine or that it's inferior to beer, when that's not at all what I'm saying. When you have the -->PROPER<-- a="" all="" awful.="" barleywine="" beer="" different.="" ever="" glass="" had="" in="" is="" it="" need="" p="" pilsner="" quite="" really="" s="" that="" while="" wine="" you="">
"Wine needs a tulip shaped, stemmed, reasonably sized glass with a small opening and no bulb on the rim.That's it. Ge the proper wine glass and that's all you need. And maybe one with a wider opening for Chardonnay. Beer calls for a friggin goddamn collection. Stout, pilsnerm stein, weizen, snifter... with beer, a variation of glass matters more than most realize. More than, dare I say, with wine." - Joey Casco, CSW/CSS


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