Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wine Review: Garage Winery A.R. Hammond Rheingau Trocken Pinot Noir 2014

Hammond Rheingau Pinot Noir 2014

This is the first review from a series of wines offered by Bill Adams - Selected. We're starting off with Hammond Pinot Noir 2014, then we'll go to Hammond Riesling 2013, and finish with Domaine Jocelyne & Yves Lafoy Côte-Rôtie 2013.

Bill is a wine consultant and a really cool dude that's putting together a portfolio of wines. I'm hoping he lands a distributor here in Massachusetts. His website is under construction but once it's up and running I'll add the link in this review.

Garage Winery was founded in 2000 by Anthony Hammond, born of a father from Chicago and a German mother, and raised in Upper Bavaria. After spending some time in Mississippi and San Francisco, he returned to Europe where he worked in wine shops and caught the winelover fever. Without any family history in the wine industry or winemaking, he settled in Rheingau and started purchasing vineyard land.

Today his headquarters is a warehouse on the banks of the Rhine, surrounded by farm animals, crops and frolicking children. The winery practices biodynamic farming and hopes to be certified soon.

Anthony Hammond of Garage Wines
Germany calls Pinot Noir Spätburgunder but you'll see it labeled as Pinot Noir these days for Americanization. It feels odd to wine geeks like myself but Anthony, being both American and German, can totally get away with it without any awkwardness. (You don't need to point out that Pinot Noir isn't an American name. You know what I mean by this.)

The bottle has a screwcap, which I love, and the wine looks just like cranberry juice. On the nose there's aromas of cherries, strawberries and juniper berries. It's super light in body, has a tangy acidity and smooth tannins. Even with such a light body it's impressively savory. Just like on the nose there's flavors of cherries, strawberries and juniper berry, but there's the additions of a pinch of rosemary and little splash of mocha dropped in there. It finishes with strawberries, rosemary and greetings from the tannin.

If you're looking for one of those heat-stroked, dark and deep Pinot Noirs then this one isn't for you. If you're looking for one of those cool climate Pinot Noirs that taste like the woodlands then this one isn't for you. This is a light, bright, uplifting and cheerful Pinot Noir.

At first I wasn't a fan, to be completely honest, but the more sips I had the more I began to appreciate it for what it is and enjoyed it very much. Now, I'm not gonna be like "you need to go buy this" but for $18 it's a good Pinot that absolutely is worth the dough.

Price: $18
Rating: 3/5 = Satisfying (what does that mean?)

The bottle used was given to me as a personal gift and not for the purpose of this review. I decided myself to utilize it this way. To have your wine reviewed follow this link.


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